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Music does not have to be technically demanding, and yet still, it can be nice.


about the composer / guitarist

Jan Krajnik is a graduate of the Conservatory of Prague, where he studied with professor Jiri Jirmal and professor Zdenek Bastinec.
In addition, he has an MA degree in theology from the Theological faculty of Prague.
He also founded the band Mandragora in which he still plays.

The author builds on his long-term experience as a teacher at music school, where he meets beginner and advanced guitarists on daily basis.
Jan Krajnik - The Composer and Guitarist

Music does not have to be technically demanding,
and yet still, it can be nice

The teacher's task is find to his students interesting music at all stages of their music development.
These web pages have been especially designed for those of you who want to play the classical guitar, but do not have time to practice 5 hours a day.
These web pages are for those of you who want to play sheet music and are able to listen to music.
These pages are for you who are tired of playing sheet music which is above your level.
You can find pieces here for a solo guitar or for more guitars arranged in such a way that they would be approachable even for non-professional guitarists.

Feel free to download available sheet music!
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Do you need some special guitar arragements?
For duet, trio, quarted or for more guitars?
Do you need a qualified and experienced guitar teacher?
This is the opportunity! I'm available now!
Contact me and we can concluse.

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